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Andy Piecuch | 08/22/14

If you have a mailing list of customers, ask them to recommend your products and services to their friends.

Clara Loustau | 08/21/14

You can't depend on your business cards to bring all the traffic you need to your website.

Catherine Wagner | 08/19/14

Working with the right company to get your website notice on the first page of search results is not just a good idea, it's a necessity these days.

James Larsen | 08/17/14

Knowing the rules of every search engine is what a good seo company knows. Focusing your website on giving information to customers is a good idea.

Darrell Warren | 08/15/14

Finding local business online is a great way to bring retail business to your brick and mortar store. Be care not to overload the keywords on your web pages.

Amy Pflug | 08/14/14

If you're not getting professional help to get your website seen, you're spending money for a website that isn't doing you any good.

Crystal Gallegos | 08/13/14

Imagine being in more than one position on the first page for your products. Running a home business can be a great thing to do for yourself and your family.

Jan Holden | 08/11/14

Encourage people to come back to your site by giving discount codes every week. Do not depend on your web designer to get your website seen online.

Christine Evans | 08/11/14

You will find that our seo techniques are the most beneficial in the least amount of time.

Jacqueline Bridges | 08/11/14

If you sell a unique product, let us get the web search results you need with page one search engine marketing for that product. If you work with a cheap hosting company that has servers that are constantly down, you will be hurting your rankings.

Carol Miller | 08/10/14

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to optimize your website.

Dan Stinchfield | 08/08/14

If you are spending a majority of your advertising budget on print advertising, you need to shift your focus to online advertising.

Cyrus Jordan | 08/08/14

We can geo target your keywords to specific areas of the country so you can sell more products.

Brent Mead | 08/07/14

It can be really difficult to get into the higher search ranking positions on the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing without a strong SEO program in place.

Carol Hilbun | 08/06/14

Before you build a website, have a list of your keywords and include them in your copy.

Anne Filazzola | 08/05/14

If you give your customers a reason to recommend others, you will help create your own traffic. Never copy the text from another site exactly or you can get into trouble.

Donna Iuppa | 08/05/14

If you have a site done in html code, you will see more success in the search engines.

Cindy Krause | 08/05/14

There is nothing like getting a lead referred by an offline friend.

Jacky Haven | 08/03/14

If you run a home business and make your own website, be sure it has a lot of copy telling about your product or service.

Christina Brown | 08/03/14

Most people don't realize that your website ranking is not determined by real people, but rather by intelligent computers.

David Johnson | 08/03/14

If nobody is seeing your website, your business will suffer.

Brian Johns | 08/02/14

If you are not familiar with the workings of a search engine, you need to depend on us to bring customers to you. If you want to leave your website in the hands of experts, give us a call.

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