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David Jacobson | 09/22/14

Before ordering a website from a designer, be sure that designer can give you an html website.

Jane Wier | 09/22/14

Page two is ok, but not as good as page one Google.

Diann Monkhouse | 09/21/14

Customers are looking online on their cell phones for everything they need these days.

Jason Methvin | 09/19/14

We use hundreds of keywords to get your website on page one. Online advertising can be confusing is you're new to internet marketing.

Donna Maxwell | 09/19/14

Our affordable seo services do more for you for less money.

Jacqueline Bridges | 09/18/14

Many people use email newsletters to bring in more business. Whether you sell a product or offer a service, you need to be in front of potential customers 24 hours a day.

Diana Landmann | 09/17/14

If you do not know how to set up your website to be appealing to the search engines, we can help.

Aniko Kaufmann | 09/16/14

You can write articles and submit them to directories to help get your website to the top of the search engines.

Frank Mack | 09/15/14

Make sure the design for your website is as friendly to the search engines as possible. We can target specific areas for you if that is where your customers live.

Jean Kiepert | 09/15/14

Stuffing your website with the same keywords over and over can get you banned by the search engines.

Jan Polson | 09/15/14

It's pretty rare that people look beyond page one and buy from companies that are not right in front of them. Most people don't realize that your website ranking is not determined by real people, but rather by intelligent computers.

Beth Williamson | 09/15/14

Business owners who have a website are not always the best people to do seo work.

Carol Miller | 09/15/14

Search engines spiders are not people, but they are computers.

Abigail Thompson | 09/14/14

Focusing your website on giving information to customers is a good idea. One successful business practice is to advertise your business regularly.

Diane Laake | 09/13/14

Just like everything else in the world, advertising online changes on a daily basis.

Aimee Lawson | 09/11/14

We are experts in choosing the right keywords to use for seo work.

Christian Hamilton | 09/10/14

People use search engines to find what they want online.

Bob Nelson | 09/10/14

Your business could explode over night if you have a great product and great advertising.

Donna Messer | 09/08/14

Even though you may not realize it, your website is probably not a one of a kind.

Debbi Lanham | 09/08/14

If you want to advertise your web pages to the search engines, you need to optimize your pages.

Danielle Booth | 09/06/14

Being first on the first page is where we'd like to see your website.

Jayna Keigley | 09/05/14

To keep your search engine ranks from suddenly dropping, you'll want to do regular updates and add new copy.

Danielle Poole | 09/05/14

Putting articles online about your product or service can help people find you.

Christina Fleming | 09/04/14

If you have a new business, it's more important than ever to advertise with us.

Amy Smith | 09/04/14

The more you use your domain name and get it out there, the more traffic you'll get.

Janet Johnson | 09/02/14

If you want to build traffic for your web site, let us do search engine work on it for you. Be sure that your website is easy to navigate or prospects will leave and not buy.

Janet Mason | 09/02/14

Being first in search results is where we want you to be.

Aaron Marasco | 09/02/14

Getting leads from online seo is a good way to get organic clicks that cost you nothing extra.

Danielle Stabler | 09/01/14

There are really no shortcuts when it comes to getting on page one.

Brock Mulqueen | 08/30/14

Whether you're looking for local listings or global customers, we can help.

Devin Kimura | 08/30/14

If you want to get your website ranked on page one today, be careful which company you work with.

Danielle Murphy | 08/30/14

We can do more to bring you new business for less money than just about any other company in this market.

Janet Mann | 08/30/14

Encourage people to come back to your site by giving discount codes every week.

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